Facebook reorganizes Power Editor ad creation flow

power-editorFacebook recently rolled out an update to its Power Editor ad platform that offers advertisers a somewhat different flow for creating their ads.

The new design lays out Facebook’s ad types more clearly, including mobile-only ads and video ads. Previously, Power Editor users started by selecting what they wanted to advertise and then had to navigate multiple menus to select the ad type they wanted to run. Now, Facebook first asks what type of ad a user wants to create and where possible, will find the corresponding item. For instance, if users say they want to create an ad for an event, the Power Editor will find an event that the user has recently created.

Although the new interface doesn’t add any ad types that weren’t previously available, it makes some like video ads and sponsored search results more obvious within the tool. It also highlights options for mobile-only ads. With so many different ad types, it is difficult for Facebook to create a simple creation flow. This new design might be temporarily frustrating for users who had gotten used to the old interface, but overall, it seems to be an improvement.

We’ll go through the process below.


After users select their ad type, the Power Editor will populate with additional options. For instance, when users choose “ad,” they then can pick what they want to create an ad for, whether it’s a website, a page, an app or an event.


Another ad type is Sponsored Stories — ads where companies pay to promote a user action instead of using their own creative. There are many different kinds of Sponsored Stories. We’ve provided screenshots of each expanded menu

sponsored story sponsored story sponsored-story

Facebook now offers “mobile only” as a distinct ad type. From here, advertisers can select whether or not they want to run Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads or App Install Ads.

mobile ad

Another distinct ad type that Facebook has highlighted is “video ad.” Because video ads have to be created as page post ads, it’s not always clear to advertisers how to make them. This change could make this more obvious. It might also be in preparation of a new video ad type that Facebook has in the works. There may soon be more than one option for this section.

video ad

Finally, advertisers can select sponsored search results. Previously, Facebook was calling this ad type Sponsored Results, which wasn’t necessarily clear that it was a search-based ad. The ad type was also buried as a sub-option instead of being its own distinct ad type as it is now.

sponsored result

After selecting the ad type, users can designate their ad destination and adjust the placement for certain ad types. The rest of the ad creation process appears to function the same as before.