Facebook Reopening Virtual Gift Program for Charities This Week

Way back when Facebook hit the 200 million user mark four months ago, the company partnered with several global charities  to create virtual gifts promoting their causes in the Facebook Gift Shop. Now, Facebook says it is about to reopen the gift shop to charities again.

In the initial run this spring, the for-charity virtual gifts included in the Facebook gift shop cost between what would be today 50 and 100 Facebook Credits (USD $5.00 to $10.00) – five to ten times more than the usual Facebook virtual gift price. Facebook donated all of the proceeds from the gifts to the groups involved.

Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg announced the new round of charity gifts at Mashable’s Social Good Conference in New York. However, specific prices for the charity gifts this time around were not announced.

For now, the charity program will only include virtual gifts, not physical merchandise. Two weeks ago, Facebook launched a program to expand the Facebook Gift Shop to third party developers, allowing them to sell physical goods as well – both firsts for Facebook.

The new round of charity tests will be rolling out this week with four partners – Project Red, Kiva, Toms Shoes, and the World Wildlife Fund. Zuckerberg says the program may open to everyone soon.

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