Facebook Removing "Is" From Status Updates?

Well it looks like it has finally happened. The dreaded “is” present in status updates that people have complained about for the past few months is now finally being removed. Well, it appears that it will become optional. According to Facebook’s platform status feed:

Starting with tonight’s push, any API calls that return information about users’ status messages, including FQL and users.getInfo, will be changing slightly. The return value will now start with a verb, so prepending “is ” is no longer required. So in order to construct a full status message it is now $name + ‘ ‘ + $message, instead of $name + ‘ is ‘ + $message. Additionally, users.setStatus will be able to avoid prepending the word “is ” by passing in an additional parameter: “status_includes_verb”. If you pass in true for that parameter, it signals to us that we should *not* prepend the word “is ” to the status you give us. In a few, we will delete that parameter and change the default behavior to be that you must include your own verb.

What does all this mean? Not much aside from the fact that you will soon be able to write more creative status updates. Instead of updates such as “Nick is back to work today,” you will be able to write things such as “Nick thinks that changes to the status updates are good for everyone.” The changes have not appeared to go live yet but I have received a few messages from people claiming that they can now backspace through the “is” in their status. I wasn’t able to do the same thing so perhaps Facebook is simply testing it out with a few users.

Are you an avid Facebook status user?

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