Facebook Removes "Is Twittering" From Statuses

Have you ever noticed the “is twittering” prefix for Facebook statuses? If you are my friend on the site then you definitely have. The Twitter application on Facebook enables you to display your Twitter updates via your Facebook status. It makes it easy to sync and prevents you from having to update your status in multiple locations. Most Twitter users probably have the application already installed.

For many people the “is twittering” prefix was annoying. I regularly had users asking me what “this Twitter thing” is and why I use it so much. While it could have been Twitter that removed the “is twittering” prefix, that wouldn’t make much sense because it built brand visibility for the company. As of now it appears that this was an action by Facebook but we don’t have any confirmation from Twitter or Facebook yet on this matter.

While it’s not a substantial change, for those that view their Facebook homepage on a regular basis, it definitely can be. Twitter has been building traction and I think that Facebook could very well be one of the primary sources of new user registrations. As I previously said, the “is twittering” prefix builds brand visibility and ends up driving new users to the site. It will be interesting to see how this impacts Twitter’s growth but as of now a look at the Twitter traffic chart shows that the site is beginning to show the classic hockey stick growth. It will be interesting to see if this continues.