Facebook Removes Developer of Elven Blood from the Platform

The Facebook Platform Team appears to have banned an unruly developer from the Platform by disabling all of their applications.

Users started noticing that “Elven Blood” and other games by Patrick Shyu (who built apps under the moniker Royal East India Trading Company) had stopped working over the past few days. The Facebook page for Elven Blood is still live, but the game itself looks to be gone for good.

There are no confirmed reasons as to why the applications have been taken down. However, other application developers have previously complained about Facebook Platform terms of service breaches, like cross-promotion of applications through notifications. Prior to the application’s removal “Elven Blood” had around 240,000 monthly active users according to AppData (see this review from Inside Social Games last fall).

Although action has been taken against applications in the past, either through temporary or permanent removal, this may be the first time that such action has been taken against a set of applications, especially ones with such large numbers of users.

The Facebook Platform Team also appears to be keen to track down any more applications by the same developer:

“If you have evidence of any apps still available on Platform that are operated by Patrick Shyu, then please let us know.

To reiterate an earlier post, there are more enforcements on Platform than you are aware of, since Facebook does not publicize enforcement actions.”