Facebook Removes Automatic Feed Form Publishing as Stream is Unveiled

As developers have no doubt heard by now, Facebook unveiled its new Stream API yesterday. Along with the update, Facebook appears to have modified Feed Forms to give advantages to the new Stream API methods.

As several developers noticed yesterday on the Developer Forums, Facebook appears to have removed the ability for an application to “remember” a users choice when publishing a Feed Story via a Feed Form. Here is a before-and-after of the change:



As you can see, the checkbox in the lower-left corner has been removed. It would appear as if Facebook is trying to move away from the Feed Form dialog boxes, and towards having all Stream content publishes via their new Stream.Publish methods. It’s worth pointing out that with the new Stream.Publish method, a user must grant your application permission only once in order to publish any number of stories. In this way, the new Stream API methods are more powerful than the now “outdated” Feed Forms.