Facebook Reminds Us it Knows a Lot About Our Love Lives

DisplayMediaFacebook is changing its  gender options just in time for Valentine’s Day – you can now choose from one of fifty gender options. This is especially important for Transgender individuals who have previously been forced into not indicating or choosing from male or female.

In addition to changing its profile options on this week of love, Facebook is also sharing some insights into its vast troves of data it has collected from users, both single and taken. From the differences in ages between people in relations to the best cities to find singles, the mad scientists digging through our data are discovering some real cultural gems.

Take, for example, the age gap between hetero versus same sex couples. The margin is significantly different.


Further, Facebook also gives suggestions on where to live depending on what kind of romantic partnership you’re after:

So your motivation can lead you to your happy place on the graph: if you’re looking to find somebody, cities like Colorado Springs and El Paso have the highest rate of relationship formation. If you’re just looking to hang out with single people, San Francisco, Washington, New York, and Los Angeles have plenty of single people and low rates of relationship formation.


One interesting and logical conclusion is actually about longevity of relationships. As it turns out, the longer a couple stays together, the higher chances that couple has of not breaking up, otherwise known as finding true love:

What determines the life of a relationship? By far the most important aspect is the relationship’s current age. The more you and your significant other have stayed together, the less likely you two are to split up. It’s easy to see why this might be. As the days since the two of you “made it official” (on Facebook) fly by, the relationship gets more opportunities to dissolve. Life circumstances and personal incompatibilities may lead to the relationship ending. Alternatively, maybe your couple is one of the lucky ones and your relationship chugs along to happily-ever-after.