Facebook Releases Persian Translation to Support Communication Around Events in Iran

In order to make it easier for Persian speakers to use Facebook, Facebook has turned on a “beta” version of the site translated into Persian (Farsi) tonight. Persian is the native language of Iran.

While Facebook users were already translating the site into Persian – as they are with dozens of other languages using the crowd-sourced Translation application which enables users to suggest and vote on translations – Facebook released the Persian version earlier than normal to make it easier for Persian speakers in Iran and around the world to use Facebook.

Facebook says thousands of Persian translations have been submitted by over 400 users so far. Those interested in contributing to the effort can help by using the Translations app. Users have fully translated Facebook into over 60 languages, with many more in process.

If your browser is set to Persian, Facebook should automatically now display the site in Persian instead of English. You can also change your language into Persian by clicking here (or clicking the “Settings” link in the upper-right corner of Facebook and then going to the “Language” tab).

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