Facebook Releases New Migrations Tool For Developers

Are Facebook’s “fixes” actually breaking your application? If they are, you no longer need to deal with the pain of implementing new code changes the minute Facebook rolls out a change. Today Facebook announced a Migrations tool which gives “developers control over when to integrate new Platform features or bug fixes.” It’s a simple tool but for many developers it will help prevent applications from breaking.

As is the case with most application specific platform features, you can access the migrations tool for each application within the developer application. This way developers have more control over when changes are rolled out. Facebook has also made the disclaimer that not all platform changes will show up in this migrations tool, “only those that require significant code changes”.

My guess is that any changes that Facebook is preparing to roll out will also include a note about whether or not they are included in the migrations area. This is a great solution that should hopefully result in a little more sleep for the developers that are getting emails about their applications randomly breaking.