Facebook Releases New Design, Bugs Abound

Facebook released their new design tonight and it threw the platform into somewhat of a chaotic state for a period of time. The update went live at around 10:15 PM eastern and it appears that the errors continue to be taking place right now. Many users have been complaining that the site has been inaccessible. Some pages are clearly not displaying properly if at all. For instance click on the “Account” link in the navigation has been displaying the following screen in my Firefox browser:

Secure Site Failure Screenshot

Applications Get Randomly Punished

One of the most significant concerns voiced by developers when the platform launched was that the new design was going to hurt the virality of their applications. Right off the bat I noticed that some applications were no longer displaying in my links. Considering that some of these were my most frequently used applications it seemed strange that the link no longer appeared. I needed to search for and bookmark the application in order to get the link back. This appears to be a small issue but it could have a significant impact on some applications.

Not Completely Accessible

I’ve had multiple people contact me now to complain that the new site is not accessible. I’m guessing that these problems will be resolved over the coming hours as Facebook works to make all the last minute changes which went unnoticed or popped up when pushed to the live platform. Have you found any other bugs with the new release?