Facebook Releases New Conversion Tracking Tool for Ads

Facebook has introduced cross-device advertising tracking for product sales.

facebook ad

Facebook is attempting to polish its art of selling ads by giving advertisers more features. The latest: cross-device ad tracking for product conversions. That means, if you sell on the Web and want to advertise on Facebook’s many platforms, you can now see where and when a user buys your item.

Conversion tracking helps businesses measure the return on investment of their Facebook Ads by reporting on the actions people take after your ads are served. Advertisers can create pixels that track conversions, add them to the pages of their website where the conversions will happen, and then track these conversions back to ads they are running on Facebook. Conversion tracking also helps businesses leverage optimized cost per impressions (oCPM) to show ads to people who are more likely to convert off Facebook.

To do so, Facebook is utilizing a “ conversion pixel” — lines of code that must be embedded into your product’s payment confirmation page. This code tells Facebook when a purchase is made and is added to your advertising analytics.

Of course, many are not convinced that Facebook ads are worth the money. In February of this year, Veritasium, a YouTube science channel, released a video accusing Facebook ads of being deeply flawed, fraudulent and practically fueled by fake likes. This new advertising tracking certainly won’t help dispel that myth. Unless a company is selling an actual product on the Web, it won’t be able to track user clicks to websites or news sites.

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