Facebook Releases Feed Publisher Screenshots

One of the major updates in Facebook’s upcoming profile page redesign is the “Publisher” – a much-upgraded approach to what has previously been called “Wall attachments.”

With the new Publisher, users can create and attach content using any application on any profile page. Facebook hopes the redesigned profile page will increase content rich communication on the site. As Facebook writes,

Currently, if you want to add a photo album, you go to your Photos page. If you want to write a note, you go to your Notes page. Uploading videos requires you to go to the Video page, and so on. Basically content from any application, whether a Facebook application or a third party application, gets created and added from those specific pages. With the new publisher box, whenever you want to add or create content, you will be able to do so directly from your profile. From there you will be able to add content as well as restrict privacy settings for that content. We think this will make Facebook much simpler to use and navigate, and will also help you control the content on your own profile.

Check out the screenshot here: