Facebook Releases Connect-Based “Comments Box” Widget for Websites

Facebook has just released its first in-house widget built on Facebook Connect tonight: the “Comments Box.”

With the Comments Box, users can login through Facebook Connect and leave comments on your website with their real name and profile picture from Facebook. It’s an easier way for websites to integrate social features through Facebook without developing or managing custom plugins. A full list of Facebook Connect-enabled plugins is available here.

When users post comments on your site with the Comments Box widget, they will also have the option to share their comments on their profile. Non-Facebook users can leave comments as well, and the widget can also show other related comments made on Facebook too.

This is the first Connect-enabled widget Facebook has released. Others, including Socialfeet, have been developing Connect-enabled widgets that both increase the social features on and across websites.

While there is still some lack of clarity around what is and isn’t allowed exactly in so-called “fourth party” design (i.e. creating Facebook Connect widget-to-user relationships), Facebook said today that it will have some “exciting updates on the policies and implementation coming next week.”

To learn how to install the Comments Box widget on your website, find the directions here or check out the video below:

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