Facebook to Launch Redesigned Home Page – News Feed Going “Live” Next Wednesday (Updated with Screenshots)

Today, Facebook announced that the News Feed, which has long been the most powerful way for users to discover updates from their friend on the site, is going “Live.” In addition, users will be able to filter the changes, most prominently according to friend lists.

The new home page consists of 4 primary elements: the Stream, Publisher, Filters, and Highlights.


Stream – The stream looks a lot like the current News Feed, with 2 important changes:

  1. It will be updated in real time.
  2. Feed items will be restructured more around the first person voice.


Filters – The home page will prominently feature “friend list” filters. This gives friend lists much more prominence in the Facebook experience than they have before, and makes it easy for users to filter their News Feed by friend list.


Highlights – On the right side of the page, Facebook will post “highlights” it selects. These updates will be “top” feed stories like those Facebook previously chose to show in the old News Feed, “based on what your friends have interacted with.”


Publisher – The “publisher,” or place where users can post information, remains at the top. Buttons allowing users to easily post other types of content will remain as well.


Notably, the application bookmarks are no longer in the same place on the right side of the page, but application News Feed filters are now on the left side of the page, under the friend list filters. The applications menu still exists in the menu bar on the bottom of the page.