Facebook Relaunches Touchscreen Mobile Support

Earlier today we learned that Facebook launched a new touchscreen version of the site via touch.facebook.com. While we’ve known that the iPhone version of the site has had a redesigned version for a couple weeks now, this is the first we’ve heard of the new subdomain. It’s not a dramatic change but making the site more effectively optimized for all touchscreen devices and not just the iPhone is extremely important, especially as there are a number of Android devices rolling out for the upcoming holiday season.

I reached out to Facebook to find out more information about the new touchscreen site and they provided us with the following statement:

“We’ve redesigned our mobile site for touch devices (x.facebook.com and iphone.facebook.com) with new features and to make it look and feel like other Facebook mobile and Web properties.

The site also has a new domain name, touch.facebook.com. A user only needs to type Facebook.com into the address bar of their mobile browser and they will be automatically directed to the Facebook mobile site best suited to their device.

The goal is for our mobile products to offer a familiar user experience that is simple and easy-to-use regardless of the device they choose.”

As more mobile devices become touchscreen enabled, it makes sense to have an optimized version of Facebook. Just yesterday we posted about how mobile use has become more popular than desktop usage for Mixi, the most dominant Japanese social network. Given this trend and that over 65 million users already access Facebook on their mobile devices, it’s important that Facebook supports all devices. We’ve posted a screenshot of Facebook for touchscreens below.