Facebook Removes Ability To Search Based On Relationship Status

Looking for hot singles in your area? Don’t plan on using Facebook’s advanced search tool to find them. Now you’re going to have to use the various dating applications on Facebook if you are the type of person who likes to use the computer to find new dating opportunities. While I wouldn’t describe Facebook as a dating platform, there’s no doubt that many users were using the site to connect with new people. MySpace was once a hotbed of activity for finding potential hookups. Facebook apparently doesn’t want to go that route.

With a number of popular dating applications on Facebook like Are You Interested? and Zoosk, there are plenty of alternative ways for finding singles on the site, just not through advanced search. Facebook has emphasized that they will continue to focus on connecting those users that are connected offline. One thing to note is that Facebook’s advanced search has been hidden away for some time now but it is still accessible. Facebook has also switched the name from “Advanced Search” to “Profile Search”.

If you’re looking to pick up random singles on the internet, Facebook is not going to provide you with the tools to do so. This should most definitely help Facebook avoid criminal cases like online pedophiles which have plagued sites like MySpace for some time now. I can’t say that I personally know of many people that have met others through Facebook. Instead, I know of numerous people that use Facebook as a way to connect with those individuals who they only briefly interacted with in person.

Do you know people that used to find dates through Facebook? Are you particularly concerned that Facebook has removed this search functionality?

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