Facebook Reinstates Memorable Stories Feature

Memorable Stories, inadvertently previewed for a brief amount of time last month, has launched for keeps on Facebook, at least for some users.

Facebook users had gotten a brief yet inadvertent sneak preview of “Memorable Stories” on December 16, but now the feature is back for real, at least for some users.

Coinciding with this reinstatement of Memorable Stories, the home page now offers the status update box atop the news feed as a default setting. We can’t tell whether that change is a cause, effect or part of the return of the application that highlights the best of one’s past status updates, but it makes sense to encourage more updates.

Although the preview of Memorable Stories last month was unintended, it seems like that has added to demand for the application, or at least piqued people’s curiosity. We wonder what additional work Facebook might have done on the app, since the sneak peak.

However, maybe Facebook would’ve been better off Memorable Stories live instead of pulling it. An application highlighting the best of one’s status updates does see more germane to an end-of-year launch than mid-January. Sure, the new year has just begun, but by now people want predictions for what’s to come in 2011. Somone ought to develop an application that uses your most memorable status updates to predict what you will post in the next 12 months.

Have you seen Memorable Stories, either during the preview or in its officially launched format? Do you think it was worth waiting for?

Special thanks to Brittany Darwell for the tip and the screenshot.