STUDY: Facebook bouncing back in social logins, with help from anonymous login


After six straight quarters of falling behind in the social login sphere, Facebook has bounced back to take over the top spot.

According to Janrain, Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn as the most popular choice on B2B sites, posting a 1.5 percent gain and re-claiming a lead it lost in Q1 2014 after holding it throughout 2012 and 2013. It also extended its lead on media and retail sites.

Jamie Beckland, Janrain’s VP of Marketing & Customer Success, told Inside Facebook:

Facebook’s recent announcement of Anonymous Login and Line By Line Controls has given consumers greater comfort that they are in control of their data. Consumers want to understand what data they are sharing, and what it is being used for, which is why brands must articulate a clear “give to get” exchange for their customers.

With social logins being done by more than half of web users, Janrain, an authority on social login trends, has been tracking quarterly findings for the past four years on consumer login preferences.

According to the company, the ability to use an existing social network or email identity is now the most popular way to create accounts on the web. Ninety percent of people have encountered social login before, and more than half of people use it. Social login streamlines the account creation and login process by eliminating the need to create and remember yet another username-password combination.

Other findings in the report include:

  • Google is strong at No. 2 for social login. No other challenger is close to the top two of Facebook (44 percent) and Google (37 percent).
  • Twitter surpassed Yahoo to become the No. 3 social login provider. Yahoo’s decreased market share came despite a renewed emphasis on promoting its login identity.
  • Other players are making inroads. LinkedIn commands nearly 30 percent share of social logins on B2B sites. Amazon and Instagram IDs have 10 percent to 25 percent share on sites where they are enabled.