Facebook redesigns permalinks to match Timeline, adds buttons for Like, subscribe

Facebook updated the design of the permanent link page for individual posts to reflect the look and feel of Timeline this week. It also added a prominent Like button for pages and a subscribe button for users who allow subscribers.

Every post on Facebook has a unique URL that displays the content by itself. This page, called a permalink, can be accessed by clicking the timestamp of a post. Previously Facebook showed this content on a white background, but with the change to Timeline, the design became outdated. Now content displays on a light blue background. Interestingly, this also changes the background of Facebook ads and other modules. It’s unclear whether this will affect clickthrough rate in any way.

Also significant is the addition of Like and subscribe buttons for posts from pages and people that users are not connected to. This was not previously a feature of permalink pages, but the change could lead pages to gain more Likes and people to gain new subscribers. For now, this only applies to link and text-only posts, not photos or posts using Facebook Questions.