Facebook redesigns mobile business pages

Facebook today released a new mobile layout for business and fan pages, which gives users more actionable information up top but pushes unpinned page posts further down the screen.

The redesign better optimizes pages for the mobile use case, for instance, looking up a store’s location or hours, viewing a restaurant’s photos or seeing reviews and friend recommendations. The layout, with a top row of buttons and a prominent map and recommendations module, is similar to the design Facebook had been using for its local search product Nearby. The image below shows the new look for a brand page with multiple locations, an individual location page and the admin view of a page.

Compare these to the old Nordstrom parent page, which is closer to the desktop version of pages.

The new mobile design gives users more options as soon as they land on the page, including a prominent share button. Instead of having to click to view a map, users can see the map, address and hours immediately. Place ratings are now visible on mobile location pages and a few recommendations can be read without having to click and load a new screen. A photos section allows users to quickly swipe through images, as they can in the mobile News Feed.

These new features push a page’s owned content much further down the screen — beneath the About section, Likes module, photos, as well as the map and recommendations if there are any. However, a page can pin one post to appear near the top of the screen. It does not appear that admins can pin a post from the mobile app, but the post they pin on desktop will appear pinned on mobile. Some page owners might be frustrated that their posts are being pushed beneath content they have less control over, such as reviews and user generated photos. Facebook says nearly half of all page visits are coming via mobile, but it’s unclear how much page post engagement was from the mobile Timeline and whether today’s change will have a noticeable impact on a company’s posts.

With this design, Facebook has eliminated the standalone sections for events and videos, likely because they were not accessed very frequently. Events and video posts will continue to show in the Timeline stream, though, and one can be pinned to the top if desired.

Page owners can also easily switch between the admin view and public view, which is a useful new feature. Admins can create and promote posts from mobile, but cannot update their About section from the app or mobile site.

The new layout is rolling out to all iOS users and the mobile web today, with Android following soon. No changes to the desktop layout were revealed today.