Facebook redesigns first step of ad creation in self-serve tool with list of potential ad destinations

Facebook is testing a new design for its self-serve ad tool that presents users with a list of pages, apps and other potential ad destinations they’re connected to.

The social network has been experimenting with designs and features of its ad tool in order to make it more intuitive and useful for less experienced advertisers. Although Facebook introduced a number of new options for large advertisers earlier this year, the company also seems to be trying to do more to support the small- to medium-sized businesses who want to advertise on the site.

The latest design, seen above, includes icons and names of all the Facebook objects for which a user has admin privileges. There is also a new “Getting Started” sidebar module with sample ad destinations. Previously, this first step simply included an empty search box called “Destination,” as seen below. The new design is likely to help users find what they want to advertise more quickly. From there, the tool works basically the same as we covered in our walkthrough here. Overall, the tool presents Facebook advertising in easier-to-understand terms and simplifies the steps to starting a new campaign.


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