Facebook recommends upcoming concerts in News Feed

Some Facebook users are seeing a new “Upcoming Concerts” story in their feeds. The feature seems to suggest nearby music events based on a user’s interests, listening activity and friend connections.

It is unclear whether Facebook is testing other recommended event stories or if this is limited to music for now. Either way, this is another example of how Facebook can leverage data beyond the social graph, and help people discover things based on their interests and location. As users Like more pages, add location to their posts and use new Open Graph applications, Facebook can provide interesting and relevant recommendations for a number of categories.

Nearly a year ago Facebook began testing “Suggested Events,” a list of recommendations based on pages users Like, places they’ve been and actions they’ve taken in Open Graph apps. When the company redesigned the events product this summer, suggested events began appearing directly on users’ calendars rather than on a separate page accessed through a sub-navigation menu. Even still, users don’t typically visit their events page every day so they might not discover these options. As long as the recommendations are relevant, users may welcome seeing suggested events in News Feed.

Besides the new upcoming concerts feature in the feed, Facebook has other music discovery features. The music dashboard launched last year at f8 lets users know what songs and artists are popular among their friends. Recently, it also began highlighting music that is similar to other artists users have listened to.

Thanks to Tom Waddington for the tip and the screenshot of Upcoming Concerts.