Facebook Ranks As The Most Popular Search Term Of The Year

According to new data out from Hitwise, Facebook now ranks as the most popular search term this year, beating out MySpace which ranked as the number one term last year. These search terms are of course unfiltered and top search terms tend to be for mostly navigational purposes. That’s why “youtube”, “craigslist”, and “yahoo” also rank among the top search terms of the year. Facebook has jumped from the number 10 position, which may be a good explanation for why Facebook was a top term on this year’s Google Zeitgeist.

In their post, Hitwise writes about the percentage of searches that each keyword accounted for:

Facebook terms accounted for 1.09 percent of all searches. MySpace terms accounted for 1.02 percent, Yahoo terms accounted for 0.95 percent, Google terms accounted for 0.63 percent, and Craigslist terms accounted for 0.62 percent.

Also included in the data was information about the most trafficked websites for the year. This year Facebook came in third behind Google.com followed by mail.yahoo.com. That a jump from the 9th spot last year. At this rate, we may end next year with Facebook attracting as much traffic as Google! The overall story here is that Facebook has had a massive year in terms of growth and is now one of the largest global internet brands.

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