Facebook Q4 social logins: up in retail, down in music


Competition — namely Google+ — is growing in the social login space, but Facebook is still the social login leader in Q4, according to a study released recently by Janrain. While Facebook is still the  No. 1 choice for users connecting with sites overall, the social network is downwardly trending with music apps and B2B sites.

However, Facebook is seeing increasing social logins through retail sites and media sites. Overall, 45 percent of social logins throughout the Web in Q4 happened via Facebook, but Google+ isn’t far behind at 35 percent.

Facebook did a little better in Q4, Janrain notices. The social network actually gained 0.2 percent of the market share of social logins from Q3 to Q4, but Google+ is still a hot riser, as partnerships with popular sites such as SoundCloud are doing for Google+ what Spotify did for Facebook.


Janrain Product Marketing Manager Michael Olson spoke with Inside Facebook about Facebook’s social login performance in Q4:

They had experienced a few consecutive quarters of moderately declining share in terms of preference for consumers, and really reversed that trend in Q4. We saw them maintain their 45 percent share on aggregate across all different types of websites. Clearly, they’re still the most popular choice for consumers at 45 percent. They’ve got about a 10 percent lead on Google, which is the second-most popular choice. Overall, I think it was a positive story for Facebook.

Facebook did see quarterly increases in a few key verticals, namely retail. That’s major for Facebook as it shows that more consumers were willing to connect to retail sites via Facebook during the holiday shopping season. More people also connected through Facebook to media sites, entertainment and gaming sites, as well as consumer brand sites in Q4.

Janrain-Social-Login-Trends-Retail-Q4-2013One area where Facebook is trending downward is music sites. Olson told Inside Facebook that there’s just more competition out there. Previously, Facebook was the overwhelming social login choice through sites and apps such as Spotify, Pandora and Songza. Now, Google+ is making up some ground and eating away at Facebook’s market share, namely with SoundCloud, which has integrated better sharing and login techniques with Google’s network, Olson said:

Facebook has traditionally dominated on music sites. That’s been their highest-performing segment, or one of them. I think that the decrease during Q4 is really just a function of increased competition. Google+ recently completed a sharing integration with SoundCloud, which is similar to Facebook’s integrations with Spotify and Pandora. What that’s done is it’s made consumers associate listening to music online more with sharing via the Google+ platform. That’s the correlation with the increased preference for Google. Google, to their credit, has done a great job consolidating all of their services, with GMail, Google Plus, YouTube and Google Play all under a single Google account. … YouTube happens to be a very popular service for music discovery and listening to live concerts or recorded concerts. That means consumers are more likely to associate music discovery and those types of websites with the Google identity.

The full report, with all charts and analysis from Olson, is available here.

Readers: Are you seeing yourself login to sites and apps via Google+ more often?