Facebook Q3 Growth Impressive, Twitter Q3 Growth Promising

While Facebook continues to dominate the consumer market, Twitter growth indicates focus on building relationships among marketers.

q3 growth

q3 growth

Facebook and Twitter both recently released their Q3 earnings data. Despite new challenges, Facebook continues to grow, and while Twitter didn’t grow at same rate, it still looks promising.

With its massive digital footprint, Bitly was able to pull data on the growth of both networks. According to CEO Mark Josephson, Facebook’s Q3 growth is impressive for several reasons: The network continues to dominate the market in overall volume of users, and daily active users increased both on tablets (20 percent) and mobile devices (25 percent). Facebook seems well aware that its mobile strategy is working.

“Facebook is so big and still able to post major growth quarter after quarter,” Josephson said. “It’s clear Facebook has created a fantastic consumer product.”

While Facebook’s growth was most impressive on the consumer side, according to Josephson, Twitter grew 10 percent among the marketers using Bitly brand tools. Indeed, Twitter has essentially established its place as the “dominant mobile first platform,” Josephson said, adding that the network is building better relationships.

While there’s a tendency to compare Twitter and Facebook’s results, the two networks are very different.  According to Josephson, Twitter’s growth is promising.

“Twitter has 284 million active monthly users, which is huge,” he said. “The only time it’s not is when you look at Facebook’s 1.35 billion.”

Still, he said Twitter is a great owned-and-operated media property, working hard to improve results as well as its advertising inventory. He pointed to Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub and says that Twitter is starting to sell ads on other platforms and mobile apps.

“That’s where you can expect Twitter to grow most,” Josephson says.