Facebook Puts Many Billionaires On Forbes List

Facebook has directly and indirectly made more than half a dozen people rich enough to land on the 2011 Forbes ranking of the world's 1,210 billionaires.

Facebook has made at least half a dozen people rich enough to land on the 2011 Forbes “World’s Billionaires” list.

We emphasize the words “at least” to reflect the investors and platform developers who’ve also made the list, and to leave room for possible erroneous exlusions from the ranking.
The Forbes ranking lists Facebook at a value of $50 billion, based on the Goldman Sachs led investment, significantly less than the current $82.5 billion valuation implied by the latest stock sale in the private markets. So the social media billionaires all have lower rankings than they ought to by most estimations.
Those qualifications aside Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg ranks 52 this year, with $13.5 billion. Dustin Moskovitz has $2.7 billion. Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker each have $1.6 billion. We couldn’t locate co-founder Chris Hughes on the list — who ought to have around the same amount Dustin Moskovitz has — and didn’t know whether this was an oversight or perhaps Forbes assumes that he sold shares and put the proceeds in startup Jumo.
Investors in Facebook have also made the list: Peter Thiel has $1.5 billion, and the majority investor in Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies, Yuri Milner, has $1 billion.
The four co-founders and Sean Parker all appear on Forbes’ sidebar about the 20 youngest billionaires. Topping the youthful list is Dustin Moskovitz, who’s eight days younger than Mark Zuckerberg, who usually gets the credit for being the youngest billionaire.
Facebook’s largest platform developer Zynga has two people on the list, Mark Pincus at $1 billion and Eric Lefkofsky at $1.billion.
What do you think about how social media wealth appears in the Forbes ranking of billionaires?