Facebook Pushes Credits Off Site Via MyTown

Booyah, the company which recently raised a $20 million round from Accel Partners, has launched an in-app promotion within the MyTown application that lets users win Facebook Credits. While it is a short-term promotion, it’s one of the first we’ve seen where game users are rewarded with Facebook Credits rather than having to use those credits to purchase something. Even more significant is that this is one of the first off site Facebook Credits integrations we’ve seen.

Given that Jim Breyer, who’s already on Facebook’s board, is now also on Booyah’s board, it’s not surprising to see the company implementing Facebook Credits. This is a significant milestone for Facebook’s Credits marketing process and it illustrates that the company is looking to have deeper integration within mobile applications. Recently, Facebook has been announcing a number of significant partnerships surrounding Facebook Credits marketing.
CrowdStar also recently announced a partnership with Facebook under which the company will begin using Facebook Credits exclusively within their games. Right now the only place users can spend Facebook Credits is on Facebook.com, however this test with MyTown could theoretically lead to in-app purchases with Facebook Credits.
We’re not quite sure that will happen anytime soon however as it’s direct competition with Apple who already offers developers a tool to enable in-app purchases. Instead, this may simply be a technique to drive MyTown users to other Facebook games. Any user who plays MyTown is probably more likely to play a Facebook game. It will be interesting to see if this marketing campaign turns into something more significant.