Facebook Pursuing More iPhone App Developers For Trademark Infringement

-Legal Icon-This afternoon I was contacted by the developer of an iPhone application who has been notified that their applications risks being shut because of complaints filed by Facebook. While the developer of the application appeared unaware of the violation, it’s pretty clear that the application violated Facebook’s trademarks, more specifically by creating an application that used “FB” in the name.

After shutting down a fake Facebook iPad application last week, Facebook appears to be turning up the heat on developers that violate Facebook’s trademarks. It’s not surprising to see these actions taken but it’s somewhat surprising that it has taken this long for Facebook to more actively police the iTunes application store.

The title of the application in this case was called “A FB Photo Sharer” and while there could have been other violations it’s pretty clear that Facebook owns the term “FB” for a number of users and this is what they were protecting. It’s pretty easy for developers to fix the problem: remove Facebook’s name or trademarked phrases from the application title.

Facebook’s concern is that developers are using the company’s brand name to sell their product. If you’re developing an application which integrates Facebook, you should avoid using Facebook’s name. Do you know of any other developers getting legal threats from Facebook due to trademark infringement?