Facebook Punishes RockYou's Baby

Over the weekend, Facebook revived Slide’s highly popular Top Friends application. The application was down for over a week but was able to keep over a million active users by the time it was finally restored. Many expected RockYou to get a little boost, bringing them closer to Slide, the current application leader on Facebook. Instead, Facebook also punished RockYou forcing them to disable a number of their features on the Super Wall application.

It has dropped the active user base from over 2.4 million users to just over 600,000. Facebook accomplished this by disabling the application’s invitations and notifications. While this is highly unfortunate for RockYou, it helps illustrate just how important notifications and invitations are for driving users to applications. I’m sure that RockYou is working overtime though and that just as Slide’s application was reinstated, so will Super Wall.

It’s clear that Facebook is taking privacy seriously and I would guess that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Facebook limit other application developers. Whether or not this is a scalable model for Facebook, they appear to be dedicating the necessary resources to monitoring the platform. Be sure to let us know if you notice any other applications being shut down.

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