8 Takeaways From Facebook's Guides For Public Figures

Facebook released new guides for public figures and organizations with best practices and tips for getting the most out of their Facebook pages.

After the flurry of changes launched by Facebook in recent weeks, the social networking site released a series of individual guides for celebrities, journalists, musicians, athletes, politicians and non profits, that will help these audiences get the most out of their Facebook pages.

Does that mean every Facebook page can get a following like Lady Gaga? Unlikely.

But the best practices for these target audiences are also tips that every page administrator should consider when building a brand, engaging with supporters or creating unique content.

Facebook guides cover step-by-step everything from how to build a page to promote a page.

Here’s a selection of some of the tips culled from the new guides posted today.

1. Be authentic.

Create fun, engaging conversations with clear calls-to-action and encourage people to like and share your posts.

2. Offer exclusive content.

Post “sneak-peeks” about latest news, a new movie or songs, and share personal stories using photos and videos.

3. Use the questions app to solicit feedback and opinions from supporters and followers.

Highlight great responses by re- posting it and responding personally.

4. Post from your phone.

Add your mobile phone number to post via text, or use a smartphone app to upload photos and post status updates to your Ppage. If you’re out with other celebrities, share your life from wherever you are.

5. Take advantage of apps and social plugins.

Add-ons such as the like button or customizable tabs makes it effortless for supporters to engage with your page.

6. Celebrate growth or personal milestones.

Use photos and videos to show how you value your Facebook connections.

7. Create content worth sharing.

Musicians, let your fans know you’ll be visiting their city by creating events for each show.

8. Join the conversation.

Make your supporters the stars. If someone posts something great on your page, repost it, thank the person and respond personally.

Will you use these tips on your Facebook page? Are there tips that you would add?