Facebook prompts users to Like pages associated with domains their friends share

Some Facebook users are seeing prompts in News Feed to Like pages related to the URLs their friends share, according to Lost Press Marketing.

For example, if a user Likes a post from a friend who shared a link to the New York Times, Facebook might prompt the user to Like the New York Times page directly from the post. Facebook is testing language like “Want to see more from [this publisher]?” and “Keep up with [this publisher].”

The feature seems aimed at getting users to discover more relevant content in their feeds, while also building connections that will improve ad targeting, Graph Search and other personalized aspects of Facebook. Publishers could benefit from the free promotion, though they might not be able to track which Likes are coming from the new prompt.

Facebook has been making pushes across the board to get users to Like more pages. For example, last month Facebook began recommending similar pages after a user clicks the Like button on a page’s Timeline. Last year the social network tried a number of ways of promoting its pages discovery browser, for example, including a link along with Page-Like Sponsored Stories, suggesting that users visit it after they hide an ad, and adding it to the bookmarks bar on the left-hand side of the site.

Facebook has not provided any additional information about the new page-Like prompt. It’s unclear whether it applies only to media outlets or if brand pages will be promoted when users share links to their sites.

Image via Lost Press Marketing

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