Facebook prompts some page owners to share links to their website

pagesFacebook is testing a new way to encourage admins to make posts to their pages this week by starting a post with a link to their website attached and asking, “What have you been up to?”

This tactic could help page owners come up with ideas for what to post to their fans. Facebook has been trying a number of phrases within the composer box, including “Share how your day has been” and “Keep people up to date on your latest holiday news” a few months ago. This is the first we’ve seen the company attach a link on a page owner’s behalf.

The following automatically appeared on our page without an admin manually starting a post.


Some page owners could find this feature frustrating because unless they actually want to share a link to their homepage, they will have to click the X to remove the link and begin another post. This results in posts taking longer to make than before. It could also be confusing to page admins who might wonder who started the post. When we first saw the prompt, we thought someone had accidentally pasted a link into the composer.

It was also odd to see this prompt on our pages that are very active. Some page owners might need encouragement to post more frequently, but the fan pages seen in our screenshots already make several posts per day.