Facebook Promoting Private Groups for Families to Keep Older Users Engaged

If the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55 and the number of Facebook users over 35 doubled in the last 60 days, what’s Facebook plan for keeping older users coming back to the site? One important part of it is increasingly encouraging users to connect with their family members inside Facebook.

Recently, Facebook began promoting the creation of private groups for families through this wizard. The wizard combines 3 elements:

  1. Creating a private group for your family
  2. Inviting your family members on Facebook to the group
  3. Inviting your family members not yet on Facebook to join Facebook and the group

Here’s how it looks:

After you create the group, it’s no different than any other private group on Facebook: users can post discussion topics, photos, videos, and links, but no one else can access it (or even know it’s there) unless they are invited. It’s a simple way for families to stay more connected on Facebook.

Of course, Facebook users interested in tracking their family members’ Facebook activity more closely can also create a home page stream filter for family members. To find out how, read our 3 tips for customizing the new Facebook home page.

Facebook users interested in more powerful tools for communicating with family members can check out We’re Related, the fourth most popular application on the Facebook Platform as well as Family Tree by Familybuilder, with nearly 2.5 million monthly active users. As large genealogy sites like Geni and Ancestry.com have shown, building out your family tree is a great scenario for viral marketing.