Facebook Promotes Mobile Services to Users Who Log Off the Web Site

It’s already clear that Facebook believes mobile devices are a key way for users to access its service, and the company has occasionally tested ways of making its mobile site and mobile apps more obvious. But now it’s going even further.

When some users log out, they’re now seeing a screen that says “Leaving? Try Facebook on Your Mobile,” an image of a phone and a link to “Get Facebook Mobile.” The link takes them to its mobile overview page, which includes details on ways to access Facebook via text, its mobile sites and mobile applications for specific devices.

Facebook has previously advertised its mobile offerings in a variety of ways, including in-house promotions on its home page. But it has been aggressively expanding its mobile services in the last year or so, from regular updates to apps like its popular one for the iPhone, to Facebook Connect for Mobile, to its forthcoming Zero site, designed for users on carriers who have minimal data connections.

The development and promotion efforts seem to be working, as the company recently announced that 100 million of its 400 million monthly active users currently access the service via mobile every month.

[Thanks for the tip, Jason McGowan!]