How PromoJam Stacks Up As A Facebook Apps PMD

PromoJam's Chief Executive Officer Matt Matt MacNaughton, told us about how his company stacks up against the other 231 outfits in Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

We continue to hear from companies that have just joined or extended their certifications in Facebook’s regrouped marketing program.

PromoJam joined Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program upon the social network’s announcement of it. The Los Angeles-based vendor’s Chief Executive Officer Matt Matt MacNaughton, told us about how his company stacks up against the other 231 outfits now enjoying this form of thumbs up. 

Which of the four badges does PromoJam have?

We are an apps badge holder.

What was the process that PromoJam went through to get the PMD badge?

We applied to the [predecessor] preferred developer consultant program in November and it was a detailed set of questions and criteria that we submitted to the Facebook team to review. It included access to our platform, a detailed deck explaining our services, the types of clients we work with, the types of promotions we build and results our platform has returned for clients.

How does the PMD change the way PromoJam will do business?

Being a PMD member fundamentally changes the way we do business in that we now act as confidants between our clients and Facebook. We’ve been given access to the leading edge of Facebook’s API access points and marketing guidelines so that we can provide our customers best-in-class capabilities and insights.

How does PromoJam differ from the other companies that have apps badges? Who do you view as your closest competitors, and what do they do differently than you do?

PromoJam’s software platform stands out from the rest due to our cross-platform technology that allows our clients to easily run promotions, both online and on the mobile phone across multiple social networks. We power social promotions for many of the biggest companies and names in entertainment, including NBC Universal, Clear Channel Radio and Dwight Howard.

We specialize in engagement-driven promotions across multiple networks both online and on the mobile phone, where other companies like Buddy Media and Wildfire focus the majority of their efforts on data collection or Facebook page management. We have a flexible suite of services that enable our clients to reach their customers across multiple networks wherever they exist — both online and mobile.

What else would you like to tell our readers about PromoJam?

I founded PromoJam with my sister Amanda MacNaughton in 2008 to create new and engaging ways for brands and their fans or customers to engage with each other. (This is actually our second business together — the first was a dog-walking business we started when we were kids in our local neighborhood during elementary school.)

We believe in building innovative technology that empowers fans to easily share messages and experience brands in new and meaningful ways. The Facebook platform creates an incredible ecosystem of sharing, and PromoJam is extremely proud to be brought into the ranks of the PMD program.

PromoJam is a leading enterprise social marketing technology platform that provides businesses with a dashboard and full suite of tools to easily build, launch, and track social media promotions across multiple social networks, both online and on the mobile phone. The company is dedicated to building innovating technology solutions that help people connect in new and engaging ways.

Since its launch, PromoJam has served promotions to over 10 million users and has amassed an array of blue chip clients including Hearst Publications, HitFix, Expedia, Avon, Warner Brothers Music Group, Blackberry, Paramount Pictures, The North Face, and Rihanna. Links to some cool promos follow  (Editor’s note: The first one is directly on Facebook and the rest are websites using the social network’s plugins):

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