Secure.Me Promises Cleaner, Safer Facebook Profiles

The reputation-management field has another player in, which launched in beta form today by way of Germany.

The reputation-management field gains another player in, which launched in beta form today by way of Germany.

This free service that allows users to protect their privacy and reputation on Facebook, as well as to cover their children’s online use.

A total of 10 languages are now supported. The options open to users include:

  • Monitor questionable content: uses language-recognition technology to discover critical topics or posts on users’ Facebook profiles, or in their friends networks.
  • Monitor all activity: displays all messages and comments that its users have posted on their own or their friends’ profiles, as well as providing an overview of likes, new friends, events, and check-ins.
  • Monitor users’ personal profiles: lets you see all comments and interactions from friends and apps that appear in their profiles.
  • Find photos: uses facial recognition to find photos of users or their children, even when they are not tagged.
  • Control privacy settings: analyzes sensitive personal information in users’ profiles and recommends steps they should take to optimize their privacy.
  • Scan links: informs users of any unsafe links on their profiles or friend networks, including viruses and malware. is already established in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland under the name Ruflotse, and its Founder, Christian Sigl, said in an email:

Our life has long merged with the online world. We use online services, social networks, and mobile apps so actively that it’s hard to keep track of every bit of personal information about us that is visible to others on the Internet — whether we put it there ourselves or it was placed there by friends, acquaintances, or even complete strangers. As a user, you’re on your own when it comes to protecting your privacy. Law doesn’t take effect as quickly as the market is developing. Privacy settings for individual services don’t help in the long run, because they change in pace with the market. Users can only control their own privacy if they can independently monitor it. Parents have to do this for their children. And that’s why we created

We have been setting the agenda for online reputation management in the German-speaking markets since 2007. In doing so, we have noticed that the need for parents to monitor and ensure their children’s safety on the Internet and social network sites has risen substantially — especially in recent months. In response to this need, we decided to take on the task of providing parents around the world with a daily overview of their children’s online activities — with the help of We know that children and parents often don’t like being Facebook friends with each other. And we also know that parents don’t have the time to continuously monitor Facebook. We developed to solve this problem.

Readers, do you use any reputation management or security software on Facebook, and if so, which one(s)?

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