Facebook Profile Public Search

Maybe some of you already know that Facebook decided to open their user profiles to public search which means that anyone will be able to search and see limited information about Facebook users. In these days I have read several opinions about this new feature and sometimes the opinions was contestant – some are saying that Facebook is loosing one of their main features – privacy, some are happy because Facebook is getting more open.

For those who don’t know wtf I’m talking about I will explain – Facebook new feature is possibility to see limited information about specific person without logging into Facebook, or by other words users will be available for public search.

I understand any of these worries that Facebook maybe are going in wrong direction, but actually all new features can be disabled by users if they want to protect their privacy. Simply go to Privacy -> Search and tune your privacy settings. You can disable possibility for search engines to access your information and non-Facebook users will be unable to see your profile information.

My thoughts actually are pretty positive for these changes because I think that more open platform opens more possibilities and are making social network more dynamic. And I’m also very happy that there always is possibility for every user to choose if he want to use these possibilities or not.

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