Could Facebook Cost You A @$%&ing Job?

Facebook users, if you're not using the privacy settings, then you'd better watch your language -- otherwise, your wall could cost you employment opportunities.

Facebook users: Watch your language. We repeat: Watch your language. Your Facebook wall could cost you employment opportunities — if you don’t use any of the privacy settings, that is.

Reputation-management outfit Reppler expanded on a startup we’ve previously covered, Social Intelligence, which performs Internet background checks on job candidates, by doing a little research of its own.

After analyzing some 20,000 Facebook profiles, Reppler found that:

  • 12 percent contained derogatory language on their walls;
  • The same applies for 17 percent of users under 35, while dropping to 5 percent for users over 35; and
  • 38 percent of users who had derogatory language on their walls had used the offending terms themselves, while 81 percent were “victimized” by friends’ postings.

Like Reppler’s own blog says:

So what does this all mean? As we have said in the past, more and more employers are screening job candidates by checking out social networking sites. A recent survey by Jobvite indicated that 45 percent of hiring managers always search for candidate profiles. Some employers are doing the screening themselves, and others are using services like Social Intelligence. This trend places the burden on individuals to monitor their online presence more closely, as inappropriate content on social networking sites, like Facebook, could damage their reputation and limit their chances of getting a job.

Readers, are you confident about your privacy settings or worried about the content on your Facebook walls? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.