Facebook Privacy Announcement Today (1 PM EDT)

Facebook has sent out a notice to members of the press about a webcast this afternoon (1 PM EDT) about upcoming changes to Facebook’s privacy. So what is the exact subject of call? Nothing has been said except for “upcoming privacy changes”. We’ll be covering the event live but we are expecting it to simply be more details about Facebook’s new granular publisher controls.

There has been a lot of miscommunication recently about the new features which is why Facebook is holding an event to provide more details. I’d also expect more information about Facebook’s planned roll-out of Facebook profile fans, a feature that I wrote about on Friday. As Facebook pushes forward with their “privacy revolution“, it’s important to ensure that the press and users understand the impending changes as they will have a significant impact on the user’s experience.

Granular privacy settings for all published content is honestly a transformation that users want but many may be confused as the new features roll-out. Facebook’s privacy settings are already somewhat complicated, and adding increased functionality to those settings could put some users on edge. Today’s presentation is likely to highlight these changes so that more users are clear about the change that’s about to occur.

Within the next couple weeks, Facebook’s ongoing drive to inherit Twitter’s features into their site will be complete. Now the only remaining step is to educate the users how to take advantage of these new features.