Facebook Previews Privacy Settings, Posts And Tags

Facebook has posted a user-friendly preview of the forthcoming changes to the site.

Facebook has posted a “coming soon” announcement about the forthcoming changes to the site.

A promotional teaser appears at the top of the main privacy settings screen (we’ve had to reduce the size of these screenshots by about 50 percent in order to fit them into our blog template).

Clicking on “Learn more about what to expect” leads to a guide to the new settings. A landing page organizes the how-to content into six different links, plus an embedded video.

This guide looks pretty thorough, an example of how Facebook continues to improve its user education efforts when launching new products. Ever since the introduction of the news feed to the site, users have complained about changes at first, and then gotten used to them.

Readers, have you checked out Facebook’s preview guide to the new privacy settings and tags? Have you seen any of these features on your homepage or profile yet?