Facebook Presentation Reveals "Post Analytics" And Real-Time Ad Targeting

Want access to the level of impressions, clicks, and overall engagement you are receiving for each feed story on your Facebook Page? Soon you will be able to! According to an image used by Mark Cowan of Facebook during a recent presentation in Poland, Facebook will soon improve their insights product to enable Page administrators to “track impressions and interactions against each post”. Additionally, Facebook is testing out new real-time ad targeting features.

There’s no doubt that the post analytics feature will be celebrated by Page administrators and many large Twitter users will probably be jealous of this new feature. Being able to track impressions and engagement on a per post basis provides massive value. While the number of fans your Facebook Page has is an important thing to keep track of, more important is the number of people actually engaging with your Page on an ongoing basis. While Facebook’s existing “Insights” product provides administrators with a basic amount of engagement information, this new product will make the data much more useful.

Other information provided by Mark Cowan was that Facebook’s Banners will be phased out in the first quarter of 2010, something which has already happened abroad. Also included in the presentation was confirmation that Facebook is focusing on including Real-Time data within the company’s advertising product. We previously heard that Facebook will be enabling targeting based on status updates and including a time-frame filter.

This however is the first time we’ve seen this information publicly confirmed by a Facebook employee. We’ll continue to keep readers updated as we hear more information about these new features.

Thanks to Konrad Traczyk for the tip.

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