Facebook Preparing To Resize Profile Photos

If you have a creative Facebook profile photo take note as Facebook will be resizing the size of profile photos in the “next few weeks”. Additionally Facebook is increasing the max size of photos that can be uploaded, which I would assume means there are some upgrades in the works for the Facebook Photos application.

The new photo size is most likely a result of the impending design changes which will go beyond the homepage. While the homepage is getting a relatively significant overhaul, profiles and Facebook Pages are also being condensed. Page tabs are being shrunk from 760 pixels to 520 pixels and profiles should be adjusted as well. While we aren’t sure of the date of the impending profile and page design changes, we expect them to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

So what does this mean for Facebook users? Most users won’t be affected by this change but those users who integrated the “awkward line” (as previously described by Rob Banagale) will have their profile image messed up. Obviously anybody who customized their photo significantly though, will have the technical know-how to update their image.

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