Facebook PR Really Wants Famous People to Post During the Super Bowl

TETRRF-00013166-001OK: one last Super Bowl post before the big weekend, because this one provides us with a glimpse inside the Facebook PR team’s strategic manual.

This morning Re/code posted on a letter sent by the Facebook team to a talent agency in which the network explains the rewards public personalities will receive for participating in a little pigskin experiment.

The idea: big names will start a “WatchWith Party” by simply posting Super Bowl-related stuff and using the hashtags #FBWatch and #SB48 (because everyone uses Facebook hashtags).

You want to read the conditions, don’t you?

Here we go: the celebrity must post 5-10 times during the game. Facebook even drew up a list of helpful suggestions:

  • Include a pre-game party photo
  • Answer fan questions about who will win the game
  • Comment on Renee Fleming and/or Bruno Mars
  • Comment on big plays
  • Offer some strategic advice to the teams
  • Comment on LOL-worthy ads
  • Encourage fans to post comments (with the hashtags of course) to your page and respond to them

Seems…involved. So what will these celebs receive in return?

  • “Amplified distribution”, or free ads
  • Exposure to the existing fans of players and teams tagged in posts
  • Exclusive access to the not-yet-brand-new “pages” app
  • A “press partnership” promise to highlight those who play along in some unspecified future feature
  • “Amplified promotion and features on Sports on FB Page” (?)

Facebook even told Peter Kafka that it will target posts by participating celebs to people who might like the Denver Broncos, not just people who “like” the Denver Broncos.

It’s something of an experiment to make Facebook a more interactive, in-the-moment medium a la Twitter, and we can see why sports personalities would be interested.

We just hope they don’t get too involved in the WatchWith Party to actually, you know, watch the game.

[h/t Re/code]