Facebook Post Insights Go Live

This evening Facebook began rolling out the new post insights product that we wrote about earlier in the week. The service is extremely simple. It lets Page administrators find out how many impressions each story on their Page receives and what percentage of those impressions result in action (likes, comments, or clicks). While not all administrators are seeing them yet, Facebook is expected to roll them out quickly.

Often times when you post something to your Facebook Page, you have no idea how many people are seeing your story and/or clicking on it. It’s a minor upgrade but it presents a ton of value and it’s something that the competing service, Twitter, doesn’t provide for brands. Knowing your impact is critical. How accurate the new post insights are actually is unknown since Facebook is the one providing the analytics and the one controlling the stream.
We’ve found a fairly narrow range of impressions among our own analytics (as pictured below), however we haven’t had the chance to speak with other administrators about what types of numbers they are seeing. We also don’t know what Facebook is considering an “impression”. For example, if I load a stream which includes a story but don’t scroll down far enough to see that story, is it included as an impression?
There are still a lot of unknowns about the improved post insights product but we’d expect Facebook to provide more details about the upgrades in the near future. Are you seeing the new post insights? Do you find think they are accurate? What sort of numbers are you seeing?