Facebook Popularity Contests

Talent appsOver the past week, two new applications have launched that are the beginning of talent competitions on Facebook. Facebook is definitely a great platform to host such competitions. The two applications are “U Got Talent?” and “Facebook Idol.” While not original names, these applications prove to be relatively addictive.

Currently, the U Got Talent application has less users but has many more submissions. Additionally, the U Got Talent application is better organized in terms of navigation. There is a leaderboard that displays the most popular submissions as well as a browse page. The Facebook Idol application does not have many of these features and simply displays random contestants on the homepage.

I found quite a few talented people on the U Got Talent application whereas the Facebook Idol application had a young and attractive people who simply thought their looks were enough to qualify them for a talent competition. I’m not so sure about that! If you want to participate in the Facebook popularity contests, I suggest checking out the U Got Talent application. If you don’t want to take my advice and want to choose for yourself which application is better, check out the Facebook Idol competition.