Facebook Polls Developers To See Which Platforms They Prefer

This afternoon Facebook sent out a message to developers to ask them for feedback on the Facebook platform. I’ve included one page of that poll below which is targeted at determining developers’ interest in building applications on Twitter. It’s clear that Facebook is concerned about developers shifting their development time from Facebook to Twitter, although there are still plenty of developers who are fully reliant on Facebook.

The poll was not however completely focused on Twitter but it has become clear that between the poll and today’s announcements, Facebook has Twitter in sight and they are shooting to kill. I asked my Twitter followers whether or not they would ever make the shift back to Facebook from Twitter for following users’ public information. Most of them flat out said no.

Regardles of whether or not a shift actually takes place, Facebook is learning a big lesson from Twitter which is openness is already better. Facebook continues to emphasize that they are working open their feeds though and open information in general. Today David Recordon argued that Facebook will no longer be a walled garden by 2010 and based on the company’s recent statements, I’d have to agree.

The biggest concern for Facebook right now is developer attention and that’s one of the reasons they sent out a poll this afternoon. If Facebook can’t maintain the developers’ attention, then Facebook as a platform can’t exist. Fortunately for Facebook, more than 175 million active users is clearly a strong value proposition for any developer.

Josh Elman just clarified in the comments that the reason this portion of the survey showed up was because I selected “Twitter” as one of the other platforms I was developing for. Had I selected another platform, that one would have shown up as well. Total misunderstanding!

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