Facebook PMD Offerpop launches Hashtag Gallery

As more brands begin to adopt hashtags on Facebook and Instagram, just in time for cross-platform promotions this holiday season, Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (Apps) Offerpop announced the launch of Hashtag Gallery. The new program ties hashtag promotions on TV and other marketing channels to social.

With Hashtag Gallery, brands can collect, manage and showcase user-generated content in a seamless display on websites, landing pages or Facebook tabs. This can encourage fans to share their photos, videos and stories through hashtagged posts on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere on the web.

Prakash Mishra, the Co-Founder and CTO of Offerpop, described this new program:

The convergence of social and mobile is fundamentally changing consumer behavior. People are spending less time consuming traditional brand content, and more time making and sharing content — photos, videos, and tweets. That’s why hashtags matter. Hashtag Gallery gives brands ways to turn consumer content into relevant, real-time consumer engagement, amplifying the reach and authenticity of traditional marketing programs.

Hashtag Gallery automates the organization process, allowing brands to quickly reward influencers for their content. Sign up by clicking here.