Facebook Platform Update: New Token Requirements, Photo and Video Graph APIs

Facebook has announced two changes that are significant for at least some groups of developers on the platform, per its blog post of updates for this past week. Access tokens are now required for user walls and news feed posts, and the change goes live in a week. Photos now also have more advanced tagging options in the Graph API.

For the first change, the Graph API PROFILE_ID/feed/ for a Page, Application, User or Group as well as the PROFILE_ID/posts for a Page or User are going to require a vaild access_token to access the wall or posts of the corresponding graph object. Direct FQL queries to the stream table will need to reflect this change for posts on a wall. Developers should have any changes in place by Friday, June 3rd.

Photo tagging has also gotten a big upgrade. From the blog post:

  • You can now get tags on a photo by issuing a HTTP GET request to PHOTO_ID/tags.
  • You can create a tag on the photo by issuing an HTTP POST request to the tags connection,PHOTO_ID/tags. You can specify which user to tag using two methods: in the URL path asPHOTO_ID/tags/USER_ID, or in a URL parameter as PHOTO_ID/tags?to=USER_ID with the publish_stream permission.
  • Finally you can update the position of an existing tag for a particular user in the photo by issuing a HTTP POST request to /PHOTO_ID/tags/USER_ID or PHOTO_ID/tags?to=USER_IDwith updated x and y coordinates with the publish_stream permission.

Facebook is warning developers to follow the best practices for photo tagging, and specifically telling them that they’ll lose access to the feature if they try to do any inaccurate or spammy tagging — no tagging composite photos, nor tagging photos for people not actually in the image. Don’t expect to see another boom in photo-spam apps any time soon. On a related note, developers can now also access video upload limits for specific users.

The company is also reminding developers that it’s now processing Credits payouts via PayPal, and it’s asking them to Like the “Facebook+Games” Page to track official game-related information.