Facebook Platform Roadmap Update: Invites Now Moving to Inbox in May

Over the last couple weeks, Facebook has updated the timelines on its Developer Roadmap for upcoming changes to application invites. Today, Facebook posted another update, now estimating that application invitations will be transitioned to a new tab in the Inbox sometime in May. Previously, the roadmap indicated invites would be moved sometime in March.

In addition, the timeline given for updates to the share dialogs was also changed from March to May, and the timeline for deprecating requests was changed from “Early/mid 2010” to “Mid 2010.”

As a reminder, Facebook is planning significant changes to the way app invites and requests work: requests, as they’re known today, will be deprecated, but invites will still exist, though they will now be accessed from the Inbox. Here are the current mockups from the Facebook developer wiki:

Obviously, developers are paying very close attention to the ways Facebook changes the invite interaction flow, which could in turn significantly affect conversion rates and application retention. We’ll have more soon.

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