Facebook platform news: IM.MK launches ‘Take An Ad,’ Fanbooster leads project to find true social ROI


It’s been a big week for Facebook Marketing Partners (formerly Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers) as Fanbooster announced a 2 million Euro investment and partnership with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council, Komplett.no and others to find the best way to measure the return on investment of social media.

Additionally, IM.MK launched Take An Ad — a way to create a Facebook ad on your iPhone.


Fanbooster blogged about this venture:

There’s a lot of buzz around how to measure the ROI of social media. Now a Norwegian project is investing €2M to find out. The project is partly funded by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

The project is lead by Fanbooster, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and a BETA startup at the Web Summit 2014.

“We truly believe social media marketing must take the next step and give real proof of value,” says Erik Eggum, CEO of Fanbooster. “That’s why we initiated and are investing in this project.”

One of the largest e-tailers in the Nordics – Komplett.no – with a yearly revenue of €203M, is on the project as project partner and contributes with in-depth knowledge on online shopping.

The company notes that the results should start coming to fruition sometime next year.


Through IM.MK’s iOS app Take An Ad, marketers can create a visually pleasing Facebook ad, enact targeting and access insights from their phone.

Katerina Stojanovska, IM.MK’s Co-Founder, wrote about the app in an email to Inside Facebook:

Take An Ad (is the) first of its kind in terms of user interface and in-debt integration with Facebook. It is easy as using Instagram, but for Facebook ads.

The most unique feature of the Take An Ad mobile app, is the ability to create local awareness ads. Simply, define your location radius in order to target your ads for the nearby customers and increase the possibility to get greater foot traffic in your business location.

If you are a boutique owner, coffee shop manager or bar manager, Take An Ad helps you to just take a photo of the morning coffee or the current atmosphere in your location, so you can engage with Facebook fans in real time and drive them to your business locations.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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